kantoi "Stars" Canvas Tote

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Totes for breast cancer awareness! And this is why we won't stop eating cookies!

All proceeds go to Tung Shin Cancer Centre.

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Who doesn't love boobs?

We do!

But in Malaysia, 1 in 20 women develop breast cancer in their lifetime. It is the number one most common cancer in the country

Compared to other countries, Malaysia has fewer cases but more deaths. Why?

Because nearly 40% of new cases discovered are in the advanced stages - purely because many women don't have access to early detection methods.

So, in our mission to help women deal with this disease, the entire profit from every bag sold will go to the Cancer Centre at Tung Shin Hospital - one of Malaysia's best charity hospitals. It treats people from all walks of life and depends solely on donations and well wishes. It also has a fund set up to pay for people who cannot afford medical fees so that as many as possible can receive treatment. The money will go to supoorting the good work that they do.

Hand wash cold
Mix in some gentle detergent
Do not machine wash or tumble dry